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Banking Sectors

Security and surveillance is extremely important in the banking industry, 24x7 video surveillance is present in many financial institutions but the inability to provide informative evidence after an incident happens is a serious issue. Banks and financial institutions face a multitude of threats including fraud, theft and physical attacks on staff and customers. DVR Systems has had tremendous success delivering clear, detailed pictures to the banking sector that result in convictions.

ATM Centers

The threat faced by the bank's ATM fraud has been significantly reduced by installing our ATM Security DVR System. The application of this networked CCTV security system solution helps the central monitoring station to be alerted of transaction fraud, video surveillance loss, and total failure for ATM Security DVR communication. Using specialized software technology, sensitive data is kept confidential while transaction numbers and bank card numbers can be captured by the security DVR and overlaid over surveillance video for easy verification. When it comes to customer disputes, the bank can link metadata to images and apply text search function for post event analysis which is a powerful tool for the bank. Our ATM Video Surveillance Interface Module is compatible with a wide range of bank and ATM systems.


Theft, accident prevention and driver behavior control are critical issues facing the transportation industry today. Our mobile DVR provides solutions for demanding mobile security applications. Traditional security systems and mobile dvr systems only provide post-incident reports and evidence, which does not assit with crime and incident prevention. Our new driver behavior analysis engine will provide early warnings that will be key in preventing incident events. GPS Tracking, Auto downloading, Wi Fi, GSM and 3G communication to central station are all part of our mobile DVR system. Our Mobile DVR systems can be installed in Police cars, Armored Cars, Boats, School bus, Taxi, limousines, Transport trucks, Aircraft, etc


Traditional security cameras / surveillance systems in retail stores offer general video surveillance but fail to provide detailed pictures when needed for evidence and conviction in court. Our security DVR retail video loss prevention system not only captures clear surveillance video of events in real time but also integrates with most cash register and weigh scale systems to overlay the text on the video surveillance footage for accurate analyses of events like; No sale, Return, Void , Cancel etc. The security DVR system can also act as an effective tool to monitor sales on any given item and report for effective sales analysis and employee efficiency. Most POS and cash registers can be integrated directly with our security DVR system by using a specially designed data capturing devise to convert RS232 data to IP.

Our security DVR sales analytic functions can significantly help retailers to plan sales strategy, boost productivity and maximize profit.


Security DVR systems can provide prima-facia evidence for law enforcement officials. Our security DVR systems have unique special application products that are used in many Police satiations around the world. Interview room recorders with dual DVD burners, Mini evidence recorders with clip on microphone and camera, Covert cameras with audio, and much more.


CCTV plays a big role in industrial applications it is not only used to prevent theft but also keep an eye on the production line , Employee behavior and following safety protocols, even system analysis, etc. We have developed Industrial quality DVRs that can be networked with multiple locations and cameras to withstand the tough environment including vibration , extreme heat, moisture and low lighting conditions, Vandal resistant IP66 rated , IP based network mega-pixel cameras can cover medium , large or enterprise level installations.

With analytical feature like Missing Object, Foreign object, Camera occultation, Video loss, Counting application it is easy to keep the security in industrial applications.